Caveat Lector

August 2020

Did I ever tell you that I met legendary speculative fiction author Harlan Ellison when I was a kid? I did. It's a pretty good story, with side-forays into my brief career as a Hollywood writer and my better-late-than-never defeat of a lifelong case of writer's block. Check it out online at The Coil.

(Image: Harlan Ellison. Wikimedia Commons/Pip R. Lagenta.)

I Wrote a Book

January 2020

I started writing a novel in January of last year and was "done" by Thanksgiving, which seemed terrific until I started querying literary agents and realized there is no "done." So far, the best piece of advice I've heard is to start writing the next one, because the first one rarely gets published. Fine with me - I love writing and hate getting people to read what I wrote, so any excuse to crawl into my hole and continue amusing myself is welcome.

My name is Lina Chern and I write stories on my phone while sitting in traffic. I have also written trivia questions, word puzzles for a TV game show, paranormal romances, dialogue for...



I'm Reading...

September 2020

BULLET POINT, by Peter Abrahams

QUEENPIN, by Megan Abbott. 


Need Writing Help?

January 2020

The Cook Memorial Library writing critique group turns one year old this month, and is still going strong, which is great for me because I love telling people what to do. Don't live close to Libertyville, IL? Drop me a line and I'll be happy to tell you what to do. With your writing, or just in general.


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