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A complete list of my publications can be found here. Below are a few highlights.

The Joy of the Bad Decision

March 2023

It's a great day to make a terrible decision. Check out the article I wrote for CrimeReads about my favorite bad-decision novels.

Gina's Greatest Hits

December 2020

Everyone who has read this sweary, violent short story has asked me, with varying degrees of apprehension, "Is this... real?" Sorry to disappoint, but no, I was never a teenage leg-breaker for a cut-rate gambling outfit. Check out "Gina's Greatest Hits" in the December 2020 issue of Mystery Weekly.

Harlan Ellison.jpg
Caveat Lector

August 2020

Did I ever tell you that I met legendary speculative fiction author Harlan Ellison when I was a kid? I did. It's a pretty good story, with side-forays into my brief career as a Hollywood writer and my better-late-than-never defeat of a lifelong case of writer's block. Check it out online at The Coil.

(Image: Harlan Ellison. Wikimedia Commons/Pip R. Lagenta.)


March 2018

The mostly true story of a cheap necklace and an expensive trip to the hospital. Read it here.

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