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Tricks of Fortune, Bantam Dell - coming January 2025

Play the Fool, Bantam Dell - 3/28/23

"Gina's Greatest Hits," Mystery Weekly - December 2020

"Caveat Lector," The Coil - August 2020

"Filigree," Black Fox Literary Magazine – March 2018 

"Get Over Yourself" (Winner of the 2017 Writer's Block Prize in Creative Nonfiction), The Louisville Review – November 2017

Review of Deer Michigan, by Jack C. Buck, The Collagist  – August 2017

"Great Composers of the American Popular Song,” 100 Word Story – May 2017. Also included in a printed anthology of the best writing from 100 Word Story and nominated for inclusion in Best Short Fictions 2018.

Sparkle Shot, Fahrenheit Press – December 2016

“The Garden of Dreaming Flowers” – 1st Place winner, Martin Ryan Annual International Poetry Competition – April 2014

The Border Crossing,” Quiddity – Spring / Summer 2011 


“Secret Identities," Bellingham Review – Spring 2008

“Drunk in Lithuania," Free Lunch – Autumn 2007 

“The Discovery of Fire,” “The Starting of Faraway Engines,” “Wind” (Pushcart Prize nomination for last two), The Marlboro Review – Winter / Spring 2001

“Omens,” Rhino – 2001

“Sailing to England,” Sow’s Ear Poetry Review – February 2000

“The Fever Bird,” convolvulus – Spring 1996

“Saint Thomas,” Phoebe: A Journal of Feminist Scholarship, Theory, and Aesthetics – Spring 1994

Review of Flight from Valhalla by Michael J. Bugeja, ACM - 1994

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